My spare room is available to rent for visiting artists and arts workers. The house is on Lismore Road in Crumlin. It has two bathrooms, a living room and separate kitchen-dining room, a yard, a small recording studio and a large garden. There is a parking space in the front garden and it’s sixty second walk from the 83 bus or a 15 minute cycle into the city centre. The area is fairly quiet and the house faces out onto a green. It’s a 10 minute walk to the nearest supermarket. Includes wifi, towels, tea and coffee.

I am a writer, performer, videographer, musician, podcaster, sometimes puppeteer and occasionally I write jokes for magicians.

€60 for one night.
€50 per night for 2+ nights.
Contact host for double occupancy rates.
Please note that there is a 48 hour
cancellation policy. If you cancel within 48
hours of a booked night, you will be asked to
pay for the first two cancelled nights.

For further details and booking contact Mark Cantan:

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